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Fit Foodie Finds

Checkout my favorite fitness and food finds to get you set up to live the fit foodie life!


I have always eyed the ombre leggings and crop tops from certain brands but these are more affordable. Snag this outfit on Amazon.com. The links are below!


Click here for the pants!

Click here for the top!

Less than $50 complete outfit!

Money and time. Those are the main reasons why people do not exercise. What you may not know is, there are inexpensive ways to get a great workout in at home. Exercise bands with varying resistances, are an efficient solution. When I am short on time, I will incorporate them in an at home workout. You will be surprised at how hard it is. Here is one that I use from Amazon.com. The bands range from easy to hard so you will always be challenged!

Click here to purchase the bands for just 10.95!

It is always easier to feel stable on a spin bike with cycling shoes. If you go to classes like soul cycle, they are required. I like Shimano SH-RP2 for their affordability and versatility on different bikes. I can wear them with the included delta cleats to soul cycle.

Cycle Shoes

Craving chocolate but counting calories? I love Skinny Dipped Almonds because they kill my craving and I do not feel guilty about eating them. Only 150 calories per serving.


Reese’s are a guilty pleasure of mine! Although they are delicious, I knew I couldn’t eat them every day until I found Reese’s Thins. If you are a flexible dieter, these are very macro friendly. You can eat three and they only cost you 170 calories! If I am tight on calories for the day, I will just have one for 56 calories. 

Click here to order!

When I take Bar Method Class, I use gripped socks to stabilize my feet during the workout. These are an affordable option to set you up for class!

Gripped Socks

My Affirmation


You can shop my leggings worn in these pictures and more. I love the meaning behind the My Affirmation brand. With fitness, we can be extremely hard on ourselves! This brand is filled with positive sayings and affirmations to remind you that you matter! All of the clothing is reasonably priced and minority owned. The best part is, you can save even more by using my code heather10 at checkout!